I want to upgrade my membership. Is it worth it?

It's worth a great deal to us plus it will give you more features when using the forums.
You can upgrade to our BigMember package via the Membership link in the forum menu at the top of the club pages.
Membership is available for 6 months or 12 months being £6 and £10 respectively.
Payment is made via Paypal and will be a recurring payment so if you wish to opt out after a period please let us know via the Ticket system or by editing the Recurring Payments option in your Paypal account.
Big Members benefits;
  • Use of signatures and custom avatars.
  • Extra stored messages.
  • Can post Wanted adverts
  • Be invisible whilst browsing.
  • Access to BM's forum and use of Mk1.5 engine jig. Jig only available to the UK
We rely on membership fees to keep the club running so your support is incredibly important to us as a community.

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